Free online career resources

There are so many great career exploration, job hunting and decision-making resources online. I want to share with you my top three.


1 - 80,000 HOURS

80,000 Hours was started by two Oxford graduates Benjamin Todd and William MacAskill who couldn't find any evidence-based or socially focused career sources online when they graduated. Since then they've been on a mission creating an online career guide, workshops, blogs and bringing together a global community of people seeking to make an impact with the 80,000 hours that each of us spend working. I feel like this is a must-see resource for everyone aspiring to making a difference in their career and the best place to start is by checking out their Youtube videos. Click here or follow the link. 


This is an information packed resource created by the University of Southern Queensland. It links you to so many amazing resources ranging from sourcing volunteer and internship opportunities through to career planning. This book has everything. It's made up of three sections including understanding myself, exploring my career and managing my career. It is full of hyper-links and resources that would have taken hours to compile. Thanks USQ for creating this incredible free resource! 




This is such an amazing website created by the Government of Western Australia. It is jam-packed with content, from its 10 step job search plan through to career planning tools where you can learn about your skills and values. This is an amazing all-in-one website! To get started click here