The philosophy of work. Why bother trying to find meaningful work?

It's time to get deep and meaningful. What does your career mean to you? Here are my top three places online for philosophical musings and inspiration on what it means to work in the twenty-first century. 

1 - The School of Life

From contemplating the pleasures, sorrows and challenge of choosing a career, this worldwide school founded by writer and philosopher Alain De Botton is full to the brim with interesting contemplations on what it means to work. They offer free online blogs, workshops and videos that will no doubt help you to come to terms with the more challenging questions of why and what it means to work in the modern world. You can start by checking out their Youtube channel through the linked video or by following the below button to 'The book of life' and its dedicated career section.

2 - Brain Pickings

Founded in 2006 by Maria Popova, Brain Pickings is an amazing blog exploring how to live and what it means to lead a good life. Bringing together ideas spanning art, science, psychology, design, philosophy, history, politics, anthropology, and more this blog is an incredible intellectual, creative and spiritual tool for those seeking to better understand themselves and their world.

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3 - The Foundation For Young Australians

This Australian non-profit organisation is all about creating generational transformation by improving the learning outcomes and life opportunities of young Australians. Full to the brim with innovative and evidence-based resources this site and organisation should be on your radar. They create amazing research, run a Young Social Pioneers Program every year, a $20 boss program supporting entrepreneurialism in high schools and have a an innovation hub that creates a unique space for young social entrepreneurs to work together. 

If you're a young Australian FYA has your back. Their blog in particular offers a great variety of information on different topic highly relevant to rethinking the world and creating a better future.

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