Inspiring career development books

There's nothing like a good book! Here are my favourite three books to help you along your career journey. 

1 - What Color Is Your Parachute?

Job-hunters and career-changers this is the book for you. It's an amazing resources that's revised and updated annually and has been voted one of the all-time 100 best nonfiction books by Time Magazine. It covers everything from job hunting, salary negotiation and career exploration, through to how to pick a good career counsellor. It's well known for its 'Flower Method' and is a great one-stop shop for all things career related. 


It's even now available on audiobook!

2 - Business Model You

This is a really great book. It uses an easy to digest one-page tool to help you to reinvent yourself and your career. Written by Alexander Osterwalder, Tim Clark, and Yves Pigneur the method behind this book is really helpful for both career exploration and the decision-making process. It offers a whole range of interesting exercises and resources from skills, values and lifeline exercises through to real life examples. 

For more information you can go to: 

Otherwise you can check out author Tim Clark's talk on TEDx. 

3 - The Life Plan

This book is a more general resource. Written by life coach Shannah Kennedy it's full of simple strategies for living a meaningful life. It's her second book and is packed full of exercises, tools and resources to help you to get in the drivers seat of your life and career. To learn more about this book and Shannah's work you can follow this link: