Career tools for the future

Robotics. Biotechnology. Artificial intelligence. What are the jobs of the future going to look like? There are so many great resources out there to help each of us to prepare for the changing world of work. Here are my top three favourites.

1 - Atlas of Emerging Careers

This atlas of new professions has been developed to explore promising sectors and occupations set to prosper over the next 15-20 years. With a focus on 25 industries it outlines 186 professions that are emerging and 157 that are said to die out before 2030. This website and PDF is an incredible tool for dreaming about what jobs of the future might looks like. Whether you're looking into healthcare, aviation, tourism, hospitality or media and entertainment this website and the Atlas of Emerging Career PDF will definitely provide some interesting food for thought. For the website click here:  

2 - A Smart Move

This 2015 report is an easy to digest look at the importance of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for the future of Australia's workforce. It's definitely makes me want to get tech ready! Click the button to read the full report:

"Modelling by PwC finds that shifting just 1 per cent of the workforce into STEM roles would add $57.4 billion to GDP (net present value over 20 years)."

3 - The Future of Jobs

While this is not the easiest read the World Economic Forum has jam packed this report full of information on trends in the global labour market and how this is impacting the skills we need for work. A total pool of 13 million employees across 9 industry sectors (in 15 major developed and emerging economies) were surveyed on what they are calling the emerging 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'. If you're wanting to go deep this is the resource for you. The infographics are also great if you want to have a quick skim read. The World Economic Forum shares their research for free and there are so many fascinating reports on their website. To read the full 'Future of Jobs' report click the following button: