Become a money boss

Data from the Australia Council for the Arts shows that the two primary challenges facing artists today are how to find more time for their craft and how to manage their finances (in particular how to earn more from their craft). This article is about the latter. How to build or boost up your financial literacy. The earlier you get started in learning to manage your relationship with your money, the earlier you will be able to start building a solid foundation. Below are some simple online resources that you can use to inform your financial strategy and to get more dollar-savy. Even if you aren’t thinking about how to invest your dollars, these resources are great for helping you to reflect on how to save and budget for the future, or even your next big creative project.

ASIC MoneySmart

This site has been set up by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission. It includes all sorts of advice from how to manage your money through to how to navigate superannuation, investing, debt and scams. They have loads of free resources and the site is easy to navigate.

The Davidson Institute

The Davidson Institute is also focused on helping people and organisations to more effectively manage their money. They offer live webinars, on-demand videos, downloadable tools and guides aimed at helping you to build your financial confidence.

Money Magazine Blog

Money Magazine has an online blog. It provides a whole range of interesting articles that cover everything from how to get out of debt, through to how to grow and invest your money. You can even write in and ask them a specific financial question. I really enjoy my online subscription to Money as they don’t pester you with too many emails and their articles are a good way to check in and reflect on your own financial strategy.

Jess & Ian Pollard