Career podcasts to inspire your ears

Podcasts are a simple way to learn about anything and everything, including how to grow your career. The following three podcasts are a great place to start when it comes to big questions like how to negotiate your salary or how to navigate a career change.

Is it time to seek an alternate route in your career?

This podcast sponsored by Seek is presented by Kyran Wheatley a past presenter on Triple J. Structured in a four-part series Kyran shares his experience of feeling frozen in self-doubt after leaving his dream job. This podcast touches on not just how to navigate the ‘what next’ question, but also on how your work and career impacts on your sense of identity.

The Pineapple Project

In its second season The Pineapple Project has decided to go deep on the topic of how to make work better! Host Claire Hooper tracks down a bunch of experts to explore how to network like a pro, land a job interview, get the most out of your time, deal with a horrible boss, balance kids with a career and even how to enjoy a job you hate. I would highly recommend also checking out the first season of the podcast which focuses on financial literacy and becoming your own money boss.

80,000 Hours Podcast

This podcast is not for the faint-hearted. Diving deep into the algorithms that can help you navigate career decisions and how to pursue careers in the worlds most pressing problems, this podcast is intense, but also highly informative. Australian Rob Wiblin hosts the podcast and as the Director of research at 80,000 hours brings his research hat to the careers space. If you’re looking for a logical, evidence-based and information packed podcast this is the one for you. It is also a great place to start if you’re focused on trying to make a positive impact with your career.

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