Are you wondering what to do next? 

I feel your confusion. Choosing what job or pathway to take in life is confusing and can feel pretty overwhelming. It's also hard to find someone who really listens and doesn't just tell you what they think you should do. 

That's what I'm here for. Together we can explore your options and collect information to help you with your decision making process and the making of an actionable strategy designed primarily by you, for you. Topics I specialise in include: 

  • Career exploration 

  • Career decision making strategies

  • Self exploration 

  • Transitioning out of high school or undergraduate study

  • Career development and transition for creatives and athletes 

  • Career anxiety and indecision

  • Building non-conventional career pathways

Think of career coaching as a safe space where you're in the drivers seat. I am simply a collaborator to bounce ideas off and to give you the tools and tricks that I have collected in my research and experience. These sessions include a mixture of different tools, inventories, activities and of course conversation to help you to build a toolkit that you can take away and use well after the session. Some of the inventories and assessment tools I use include: 

  • The CareerHQ Compass an assessment tool outlining your career interests, Holland Code and lifestyle considerations

  • design thinking tools as featured in 'Designing Your Life' by Stanford professors Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

  • Strengths, skills, values and purpose identification

  • My Career Story developed by prominent vocational pscyhologist Mark Savickas 

  • Career decision-making strategies questionnaires 

Interested in working together? 

Let's chat over the phone or on Skype! 

If you want to hear more about my background, credentials and coaching philosophy you can follow these links: 

 Career Coaching Package

2 x 1½ hour career coaching sessions: including online evidence-based exploration exercises and questionnaires before and between sessions. 

Cost: Face to face      –   $320
Cost: Phone or Skype –  $290

Follow up or stand alone one hour sessions:

Cost: Face to face       – $110
Cost: Phone or Skype – $80

I hold career coaching sessions on Mondays, Fridays and Sundays every week at my office in Lilyfield and you can also find me on Skype. 

*Discounts may be available to those who are not working and those who pay within 24 hours. Inquire here for more information

Jess is amazing, she is extremely personable and a highly energetic career coach. I went to Jess looking for direction after transitioning from being an elite athlete to finishing my Masters of Business at UNSW. Different from other coaches, Jess quickly created a space that got me thinking about my values and to deeply understand what was important to me.
— Lucinda, 29 years old
With some common threads in our background, Jess was really helpful with navigating my thoughts around identity, direction and creating an actionable strategy. She really helped me with finding the middle ground between my strengths, interest and passions and making the decision around my next step.
— Dave, 30 years old.
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