My Career Workbook

My Career Workbook


Are you thinking about making a career change or what to do after school? This 26 page Career Workbook includes over 17 different career and personal development units (each taking around 20 minutes) that can help you to reflect on who you are, to explore different career options and to make your own action plan. 

Activities contained inside the Career Workbook include: 

  • The who am I collage

  • The Reverse Bucket List

  • Success experiences exercise 

  • Strengths identification

  • Values identification

  • Naming my passions 

  • Who inspires me

  • Changemaker exercise

  • My purpose exercise

  • Name your support crew 

  • Career beliefs identification

  • Job mindmapping

  • Strategies for exploring jobs

  • Who can help me explore? 

  • My adventure list

  • My action plan

  • My motto

“I love this! One of the most innovative workbooks I've encountered. Thank you so much! This will add to my counseling toolbox. Excited to see the empowering ways this impacts youth!!” Whimsy School Counselling, Teachers Pay Teachers Review

“Thank you! It is really good!” The School Counselor, Teachers Pay Teachers Review

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