Careerset workshopS 

Small group career workshops with a difference 

Say goodbye to boring and formal career education.

The CareerSet Workshop is a small group career workshop for year 11 & 12 students that uses the power of friendship, fun, creativity and the informal setting of your home to deliver cutting edge labour market and vocational psychology research in one interactive 5 hour workshop. We explore the world of work, mindsets, skills sets, how to source employment opportunities, tools for planning your own authentic pathway and to finish you get to create an action plan for your next steps. 

It's time to turn that anxiety about the future into a passion for the opportunities that are out there. Best of all it's also an excuse to hang out with your best friends and talk about your dreams and hopes.  

The Basics 

  • Who: 4-6 of you and your friends

  • Where: At your home or school

  • How long: One 6 hour workshop + a follow up two hour workshop one week later (8 hours total)

  • Cost: $1250 for the entire group including all resources

The CareerSet Workshop is for you if you are:

  • confused about what career or education pathway to take next 
  • wanting to make an action plan 
  • having trouble deciding between a range of career options 
  • hoping to better understand who you are and what the right next step for you might be
  • looking to get informed about where jobs are going and how you can survive and thrive through all the changes
  • having trouble understanding what all of the education and labour market jargon is all about and want someone to explain what the big fuss is all about
  • you want one-on-one attention from someone who “gets it” and is ready to take you from confusion to clarity and action

The Workshop Units 

1 - The World of Work 

We dig deep into current labour markets trends and how they impact you.

 2 - My Mindsets

We explore your mindsets and uncover key tools to growing resilience and adaptability.

3 - My Skill Sets

You have lots of skills. Let's explore and learn how to communicate how valuable you really are.

4 - Sourcing Opportunities

Let's rewrite classic approaches to the job search. Using a skills to job approach and design thinking we look at how you can source, explore and cultivate a range of exciting career pathways. 

5 - Decision-making

Your career is a problem-solving task, so let's explore decision-making models and action plans to help you think critically and creatively about what's next!

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