Who has the time to hand draw and write a card these days? Me! This is an ALPACA-GE it all gift card service perfect for making your next snail mail delivery unforgettable.

This boutique service takes all the pressure off you, while delivering all of the TLC and good vibes in the mailbox of your pal, family or lover. I offer two services. The first is you can purchase a random selection of 4 or 8 animal and vegatable pun-tastic cards (which I mail to you) or I can handwrite and post your letter for you.

The choice is yours and my commitment to the pun is strong.

I want you to DRAW & post the card

ALPACA-GE it all. I handwrite your note and post it taking all of the effort out of the equation for you. All you need to do is pick the card theme, write the note in the order form and bam your end of the bargain is complete.


Post me some pun-tastic cards

This is the maximum pun option so that you have cards on hand for every special occasion. You can order either 4 or 8 event-themed pun cards ready to share with your egg-cellent friends and family for christmas, birthdays or just to say you’re turtely awesome.

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