Marét – Singer & Songwriter

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 Let's start light! What are 3-5 things you love to do on your days off?

Spend time with loved ones. They remind me of who I am and what life is all about. I love exercising. I'm really enjoying running at the moment. I find it very therapeutic and a great way to reconnect with myself. Being in nature is also really important to me and I try to find time for this every day. Reading, writing and watching. Immersing myself in ideas, insights, art and music.

What is your creative practice?

I'm an original musical artist. I'm a songwriter and singer.

Is this your whole income or do you have other side hustles?

I'm very fortunate that all my income comes from music in some form.

What were 3-4 significant events that led you into your current creative practice?

Childhood led me straight in. I have been creating and performing from a very young age so it has evolved very organically. Along the way teachers, courses, artists and collaborators have enhanced my connection to the process. It's taken me a while to create this latest EP and I really needed to take some twists and turns in the road both professionally and personally to make this music. I think life and wisdom have supported me to become a really honest and fearless artist and this EP has propelled me even further into that.

What are three creative tools you couldn't live without?

  • A pen and paper.

  • Other artists.

  • Life experience.

What are 3 business or self-management tools that you couldn’t live without?

Email! (ha ha. The tool I honestly use the most!). iPhone Voice Recorder. To Do Lists.

Which artists in your field are you enjoying right now?

Lady Gaga. Janelle Monae. Kendrick Lamar. Bruno Mars.

Can you describe a working day for you?

The constant in my life is my morning routine. I have slowly built this up over time and I've found it to be really helpful as no two days are ever the same. I rise early, 5am, and do yoga, meditation and go for a run. My schedule is always different. I tend to do things in bursts depending on what I have on. I try and separate the business from the creative. If I'm focusing on writing and creating then I'll try not to deal with accounting and logistics but most days are a mix of things. Emails are a constant. If I'm writing I try and create some sort of structure; sessions with meal breaks and I turn off my phone and distractions. Some days I have to work around commitments so I've learnt to try and touch base creatively in small ways. Sing one song, write a few lines, listen to someone who inspires me. It's an evolving practice and one that I want to keep improving on.

What are the perks of your job?

  • Singing. There is nothing that I find that is more healing and freeing for the heart and soul than singing.

  • Collaborating with other artists. I am absolutely the artist I am today because of the people I have worked with. I'm often astounded and inspired by the musicians and producers I work with and it always pushes me to reach further and delve deeper.

  • Flexible hours. I like being able to work outside of the 9 - 5 norm. I feel liberated by that. Being able to process life through creativity and being able to share that with others. Music connects me like nothing else and I feel very blessed that my daily life reflects that.

What are some of the challenges you encounter?

The irregular financial flow can be very challenging. It requires a lot of faith and trust and sometimes the realities of life (rent, food, bills) threaten to derail the creative commitment. Dealing with fears. I think that creative people are always investigating the challenging parts of ourselves and others, and so many emotions and negative patterns are never far from the surface. Fear can manifest in really unhelpful ways; comparison, lack of drive, resistance, procrastination. I think that living a creative life both professionally and personally is having to really wade through these challenges day to day. That can be exhausting at times.  

Isolation. There are parts of the process that needs to be solitary. Reflection is a big part of my process and often the work requires time by yourself to either create or edit or research and I have to make sure that I still stay connected during those times. The illusive work/life balance. I find it very hard to separate myself from my art and from the outcomes of the work I'm doing.

For all the creative artists in our community, what are 5 tips you can give them that you've learned through your career?

  1. Do the work. You need to be the best you can be at your craft first and foremost. Establish a daily practice just on your craft. Commit to it and commit to getting better every day. There's no faking ability. Know your art inside out.

  2. Try and find a work/life balance (whatever that is!). I think that we need to realise that we are people first and our art comes from who we are. Being able to find separation helps emotionally, mentally and spiritually and it's essential to be able to avoid burn-out and resentment.

  3. Look after yourself health-wise. I have found that I have to put my health first before I can give myself to anything in my life. Eating well, good sleep habits, exercising, connecting with others, switching off screens, connecting with nature are all ways I nurture my health.

  4. Good organisational skills. I think that creatives can sometimes feel overwhelmed by parts of the job we don't feel come naturally to us, but being organised with finances, answering emails promptly, being prepared for shows and interviews all help to reduce anxiety that threatens to derail our creative practice.

  5. Build a team. We aren't meant to all know how to do everything and there are many people out there to have on your team. Find people who inspire you in what they do whether it be the creative sides of your business or the admin/management parts. Be open to new ways of doing things from people you respect who have great ideas!  

What advice would you give to someone who says they're feeling overwhelmed and anxious trying to self-manage their creative career and are in need of some practical advice?

I think it's very natural to feel that way and I think anyone with a creative career has days like that. The trick is not letting it take you down. My advice is always 'what do you need to do today?'. Break everything down into bite-sized pieces and do one thing at a time and really concentrate on that one thing. Then move onto the next thing. Also, what can you outsource? Can someone help you with particular tasks? Stay the course and try not to compare yourself to others. Turn off anything that isn't helping you to work well (Social media can be a big distractor and anxiety-inducer) and keep up your daily practice. This will ground you and remind you why you are doing it. I think creative career's can be very challenging but are ultimately incredibly rewarding.


Why do you work in the arts and why do you create?

I enjoy using my creative gifts and find it fun. In many ways I don't feel I have a choice. The creative life chose me and I feel it is my service to this world. It calls me. It always has. I don't know a life without it. I want my music to be a gift in people's lives, to see them through hard times and celebrate with them in good times and to keep them company and share in their lives. Ultimately music is the great connector and I want to be a part of that!

How does your art form make you see the world differently?

Music has an insight into life that can't be described or shared in any other way. It's beyond human comprehension in many ways. Music hits right to our truest feelings and truest selves. It doesn't hide from anything. It unites us in understanding what is really going on. For me, it allows space and a place to digest life. It definitely takes you below the surface and that's all I'm interested in now.

How do you balance business and creativity in your life?

Separation is the key. Finding ways to not let anything negatively effect the flow of creativity is very important and creating spaces for each part of the process is essential. I also have some incredible people guiding and supporting me so definitely ask for help!

What do you think it means to live a creative life?

I think living a creative life is fully committing to what it is to be human. All of us are meant to create in some way and whether we make money from it or do it for the love of it, I think it's essential to immerse yourself in it. Creativity heals wounds, mends broken hearts, makes sense of things. It brings us closer together. It frees us.

Any final advice or words?

There is only this moment. Be in it 100%. Give yourself to it 100%. You are not alone.

Where is the best place to find you online?

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