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My Credentials: 

  • Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA)


  • Masters of Education (Career Development) (QUT) 

  • Graduate Certificate of the Career Counselling of Elite Performers (VU)

  • Graduate Certificate in Social Health and Counselling (MQU)

  • Bachelor of Music Studies (Syd)

  • Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness (FIAFitnation) 

My Story

I am a career and creative coach who specialises in working with young people, creatives and people pursuing nonconventional pathways. We are in a time of unprecedented change and choice in the labour market and the art of designing your lifestyle and career is becoming increasingly challenging, yet also increasingly flexible and autonomous. What you choose to do with the third of your life that you usually spend working is one of the greatest creative decisions you will make. It is also a decision that many of us go into blindly, without the compass of self-knowledge or the tools to help ourselves to navigate the multitude of choices. I am passionate about helping people to develop this compass, as well as the courage to move to action in designing their lifestyle and career.

My love for this area has led me to opportunities to work with groups like the UTS Business School, the Matildas, popular and classical professional artists and the Macquarie University Elite Athlete Program. Alongside this I have developed and facilitated workshops on a ‘Sustainable Approach to a Career in the Arts’ focusing on health promotion and career education for professional artists. 

Alongside career coaching my Dad and I have been blogging and creating conversations dedicated to exploring how you can grow your world more authentically and creatively. The dimensions of opportunity in your life are often bigger than you believe are possible and all most of us need is a framework to make sense of it all, an actionable strategy and the courage to bring that to life. Click on the Mental Spinach picture to your left to be connected to the blog. 


At its foundations coaching and counselling for me is a collaborative conversation and the sharing of a story in which a greater clarity and sense of meaning is looking to be found. From this perspective my personal career counselling theory has been greatly influenced by three humanistic theories including Carl Roger’s person-centered therapy, Mark Savickas’s life design and Larry Cochran’s narrative career counselling approach. On top of this I have also been heavily influenced by design thinking and the work of Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. Design thinking can be applied to your career and I love teaching the tools from their book 'Designing Your Life'. 

Career education, coaching and counselling all take slightly varied approaches to helping individuals to navigate work and life. It can take a guidance or educational approach at times with helping people to build the skills, attitudes and competencies to survive the world of work. It can be a creative space in which activity-based exercises can help to build a sense of coherency in your career story. It can also be more reflective space in which as a counsellor I help you to explore how your story can inform and help you through your transition. It is my job to help to create a safe space for this discovery. 

Interested inquirer, respectful listener and tentative coconstructor.
— McMahon and Patton, 2007


I have been a professional artist for the past 12 years. Here are some other samples of the work I have done.