Fun books for creative inspiration 

Are you looking for some advice or a companion to help you on your creative journey? I always like having a book on hand to pick up and flick through when looking for some inspiration. Here are three of my favourites and I would love to hear what books on creativity are inspiring you!

1 - Steal Like An Artist

This New York Times best-seller is a really fun and easy to digest manifesto by author and artist Austin Kleon. It outlines 10 tips for artists and it helps to debunk the myth that you have to pull your ideas and inspiration out of thin air. Art is a process of learning, collating and restating and this book is the perfect collaborator for you as you search for new inspiration.

2 - Don't Read This Book: Time Management For Creative Artists

How do you make choices about everything you do in your daily creative practice and life? At its foundations this book is about creating focus and becoming a time management pro. Divided into three parts author and artist Donald Roos explores the three primary topics of your creative life, work, and projects. With a focus on saving you time this book is jam packed full on insights for creatives.

Finding more time = more time for your creative practice.

3 - Failed It! 

This little book is all about turning mistakes into ideas and giving yourself the permission as an artist to 'successfully screw up'. Author and creative director Erik Kessels has filled this book with cool photographs as he explores the epic fail, the happy failure, why you should fail to follow the rules and my personal favourite, he encourages each of us to 'all hail the fail'. This book will inspire you to embrace the mistakes you make everyday!

All Hail the hail.jpg